Work Culture

The working culture at Simext is a transparent open culture that promotes long term collaboration of the teams with one another and with the organization.

Being the vision of the organization, various steps have been taken to ensure a open, collaborative environment.

We value your efforts and dreams.

The Differentiators:

Take the Leap

Simext can enhance your career to the next level.

Simext has a firm belief that its core strength are the Professionals working in the Organization. Various development programmes are put in place to nurture the overall growth of the professionals so as to ensure that they realize/enhance their potential. Development programmes include technical, managerial, leadership, soft-skills, etc.

Nurturing the talent today ensures that Leaders of tomorrow are well equipped to take on the challenges.

Some of the highlights of “Nurturing Potential Programme” (NPP) include:

Simext Traits

Simext is looking for professionals with following traits:

Whoare keen to explore, learn and realize their potential

Who can partner with our vision

Who can team up and grow with the organization

Who can nurse our values

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