Efficient Supply Chain Management is the key to deliver products with speed and accuracy.

With the growing technology and increasing reliance on the social media and mobile phone to get the work done quickly and with ease:

An efficient Supply Chain Strategy can make a big difference.

There is a need to opt for a Supply Chain System that will help you efficiently manage not only the inventory in the warehouse but also give a good ROI on say the the per square feet of space in the warehouse or the per kilometer / mile of transportation.

Simext Technologies is one of the few unique companies that have deep domain supply chain expertise. It provides Supply Chain Consulting coupled with the best possible Warehouse Management System and Logistics solutions.

On popular demand, Simext recently launched

Low Monthly Subscription Pricing Model – SaaS (Software as a Service)

.. under the brand ManagingSupply.com

This gives the clients a very good opportunity to avail of the best Technology Solutions at the best possible prices.  It brings a simple and cost-effective way to manage your supply chain.


EASY to Start

LOW Monthly Subscription

You GO LIVE in 2 weeks

NO infrastructure cost

NO additional AMC cost



You can now take advantage of the best Warehouse Management System / WMS, Logistics, and Advanced Transportation Management and 3PL systems.

A robust Integrated SCM system drives the efficiency, facilitates smooth scaling up of business, and saves the costs.

With a ready and flexible in-built INTEGRATION FRAMEWORK to integrate with any other required software or firmware, ManagingSupply.com is well placed to drive home a good ROI.

One has the option to integrate with an existing ERP like SAP, Oracle Apps, Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Navision, or with any Order Management Systems like E-Commerce orders. Companies can opt to integrate with data loggers or temperature controllers. This is of immense value in Cold Chain Logistics.

So, today we invite you to join this new world of Supply Chain Management with ManagingSupply.com, and change the Supply Chain game


You can connect with ManagingSupply.com team for your SCM needs.

We would love to hear what your Supply Chain Challenges are.

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